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On The Origin: Kanto Edition

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Crowdfunded via Kickstarter, On The Origin: Kanto Edition is the unofficial guide to the inspirations behind each Generation 1 Pokémon. It combines original artwork with deep dives to create a 304 page illustrated guide to the real world myths, cultures and organisms that have inspired each Pokémon's design.

The left page features original vector art of the Pokémon as part of an infographic outlining any animals, plants, people, symbols, myths, objects, or even fictional characters interpreted from the Pokémon's morphological features.

The right page contains a text breakdown based on extensive research into the origin of the Pokémon's design and analysis of its behaviour as described in the Pokédex. This is accompanied by original illustrations of the key influences. The breakdown aims to evaluate different theories about the Pokémon's backstory but also contextualise these influences with interesting facts and stories about their role in the real world.

"It's a fascinating look at some of the gaming world's most recognisable characters and feels every inch like an official publication – which is about the highest praise we could possibly offer." - Nintendo Life's 'The Best Video Game Books'

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